What’s next? Goal planning and preparing for 2021

By Deanna Serrano, Phonak Senior Practice Services Manager

As many of us are getting ready to put 2020, squarely, in our rearview mirror, there are a few words that come to mind — no, not the naughty ones! Nimble, transformed and affirmed are just a few. Our new reality is no longer novel — it is a continuum, for the foreseeable future.

We have expertly pulled up our sleeves and figured out what we needed to do next, despite the day-to-day personal and professional challenges surrounding us. We have been rewriting a new guide of how to survive in the tumultuous landscape and terrain, and we transformed patient care and nimbly protected our businesses.

Give yourself some recognition

What is most impressive about 2020 is the agility and creativity we have seen in the hearing industry. Opportunities have been created for more flexible patient care, new practice efficiencies surfaced, the importance of marketing and social media have been renewed or continued, as important methods of communication and differentiation, to patients.

Even with all the challenges, we have been affirmed of how valuable and necessary hearing services are to patients and their families, and we have found a multitude of new patients, who need us more than ever.

Take a moment and be proud of not just surviving 2020. Reflect on what we managed and how these lessons will shape our businesses to thrive and morph with any challenges we face, over this unpredictable trip. Now, that you have taken a pause …. whether we are ready or not the next question is, “What’s next and how can Inner Circle provide the groundwork for your new year goals?

Set up your QBR

We recommend scheduling a quarterly business review (QBR) with your Phonak Representative over the next few months. Now is the time to prepare for next year!
A QBR is a best business practice. The practices who have them on a regular basis are more likely to stay on track with their goals and see better results and are more profitable (Phonak Benchmark Survey, 2017). Simply stated, a QBR is a 5,000-mile tune-up to discuss your business goals.

What the QBR should help accomplish:

  • Review your business goals strategies and tactics
  • Discuss results of marketing events and other programs
  • Assess what is working and what needs to change
  • Review Inner Circle progress and activity
  • Identify new products and training needed
  • Discuss new opportunities and services that may benefit the practice goals

Tips to capture remaining 2020

Here are some other ideas to capture remaining 2020 business and plan for 2021:

  • Remind patients of their end of year insurance benefits.
  • Utilize Phonak marketing service planner and waterfall tools.
  • Acquire patient testimonials to add to website and social media channels.
  • Review your patient profile.
  • Plan for team training.

How can you have a QBR? Contact your Phonak Representative to start the conversation. They will work with you to identify goals for 2021 and what Inner Circle business and marketing tools will support your plan.

We look forward to being part of your roadmap to thrive and succeed, in wherever this long, winding journey takes us!